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Posted by Daniel Tait on 2 January 2013



Surprisingly Prototype 2 has quickly become my second choice behind Max Payne for one of the best games this year.

Grand Theft the Force Unleashed 2: Raccoon City. May contain an unlikable protagonist, a catholic priest and lack originality. But it is by far one of the most enjoyable sandbox games I’ve played as far back as I can remember.

When I start writing a review I usually try to avoid reading other reviews. Generally because the people over at sites like IGN, whose reviewers don’t seem to like playing games, but do like getting paid so just promote what they’re told… and I don’t. I’m free to give my honest opinion regardless of how retarded it’s seems, or even just plain troll.

This time I did expose myself to a couple of reviews after completing the game. I didn’t play the first one which understand was as great concept, poorly executed with low production value. ‘The internet’, didn’t really seem to think much of the second instalment, but it seems to me that Silent hill 2: City of Heroes’ reputation has been tainted by the short comings of the first game.

You play ex-military, anti-hero James Heller. What James lacks in character development he makes up in sheer mindless BLACK rage. I liked this approach because it didn’t really require much character development. You play as an angry, near invincible, mutant demi-god and that suits me just fine.

Heller doesn’t negotiate with anyone for any reason. One of his first mutations is the ability to absorb anyone in the game inheriting their memories as well as being able to shape shift into the form of anyone he consumes. As a result Heller doesn’t need no-one for nothing, he spends the entire game smashing things and eating people.

All the powers and upgrades are rewarding and fun. There’s no filler either. Every ability is needed to complete the game which is fine since they’re all easy and fun to use. All the side missions are challenging and fun the game world and play time is pretty big.

The locations are interesting and detailed; the enemies’ are varied and interesting. Most importantly the core basics of the gameplay are fun. The walking running and jumping mechanics are fun. You have a flight power similar to toad from x-men, which means you can leap up tall buildings, run up walls and glide through the city by base jumping off skyscrapers.

You can also fly helicopters and drive tanks. Being able to consume different characters means you get a chance to play a huge variety of different missions, like infiltration quests and posing as a helicopter pilot.

Heller rarely gets stuck in the environment; the levels are very well designed and impressively bug free considering the amount of chaos that can be happening in the city. The city itself is in a state of emergency, with separated hubs beginning with the evacuation area to all out warfare in the city centres.

Prototype 2 is a the sandbox resident evil: Operation Raccoon city we were all hoping for but on meth, playing a character paralleled to Albert Wesker also on meth


9 / 10

Pros: The best sandbox gameplay I’ve ever seen.

Cons: The game loses a point for; crashing on the blue side missions (at the time I played it), and having shitty cut scenes. I didn’t really see the lack of originality a downside.